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Van Life Vlog | The highs and lows of living in a van and traveling around the world with NO plans 😞😊 | Eamon & Bec in Europe

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This week we get off the beaten path and discover a part of Europe that we've never heard about! After a fun week in Northern Spain in the Pyrenees mountains, we decided to head east in hopes of uncovering a few more secret spots! And while we knew that the mountains bordered France + Spain we had NO idea that there was a tiny country right smack in between them called Andorra 😂. I guess we learned that traveling without a plan in Europe can leave you in entirely new countries!

This lifestyle is often met with highs and lows and as we travel through the week we share quite a few of these with you. A new country means no SIM cards, a new language and learning to navigate the new surroundings. Then our worst nightmare happens and we are robbed of all our valuables. But that's a story for another time...

Our van life in Europe began when we decided to ship our van across the world in search of the next big adventure! Since then we've driven our sprinter van conversion from England - Wales - Ireland - Scotland - France - Spain - Portugal and now back to Portugal! Every week we share an episode of what it's like to van life in the city as well as van life in nature as we try to see and do most everything Europe has to offer ❤️🌎

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Today we show you around Andorra and what it's really like driving around the world with NO plan!

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