Vietnam Street Scenes 2019 - Saigon Vlog

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Vietnam Street Scenes 2019 - Saigon in the Daytime - Vlog 294

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A Vlog from a day spent in Saigon, Vietnam. Including getting lost around some authentic Saigon back alleys...

Parts of this video include:

0:04 5pm, Bui Vien street

0:24 Massage ladies waiting for customers

1:45 Motorbike shops, they cater for the many people who do the classic Saigon to Hanoi ride

3:06 Starting a walk through some random poky alleyways, I really enjoy the authentic atmosphere. Some are right out of a movie set...

4:44 Dead end?

6:14 Cross road

8:33 Anyone want to purchase an empty plot?

9:44 Typical Spa massage prices

10:21 Pham Ngu Lao street

10:57 HEM 241 alley, one of the more popular ones with backpackers with many cheap rooms being available

12:37 Cheap room examples

13:01 A talking bird, not something you see everyday. The alleyways are very random

14:00 Men's hair cuts for $3, not a bad deal...

15:51 Spa central, be aware some are bait and switch places. You think you will get a rub down from a slim beauty in a short dress, but the reality is you'll get a 40 year old lady who can't speak English...

16:26 Bui Vien street

16:59 Guy getting seduced by the massage promo ladies

18:18 $0.78 for a beer and $5 for a bed, it's easy to see why many backpackers like this place...

19:07 Montage featuring some Bui Vien massage ladies

19:56 Bui Vien street scenes

21:57 The View Rooftop bar

22:31 Outro

Additional notes:

This video was from a Visa run to Vietnam, where I stayed in the capital city of Saigon for a few days.

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NB: Saigon / Ho Chi Minh City are the same city, the name was changed after the 70s. The locals all call it Saigon so that's what I call it here.


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