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4th week of solo motorcycle ride through Nepal-1st part of Riding vlog starting from Pokhara reaching Butwal (very close to India-Nepal border -Uttar Pradesh) on the 4 day continuous ride form Pokhara (Nepal) to Dehradun (India), from where I'm going to catch the east-west highway. This one-day travel is divided into two Vlogs of about 20 minutes each. This is the first part ride through beautiful mountainous ridges at the end of Himalayan mountain ranges. The beauty of Nepal is evident in the landscape surrounded by green mountings and hills on all sides and small streams and rivers flowing through the ridges. Kali Gandaki river flows from Nepal to India to join Ganges River, which I think is mostly brownish throughout the year irrespective of rains due to the mud collected from Himalayan mountain ranges is a highlight of the ride. There are a number of viewpoints and selfie points throughout this route which is the Siddhartha Rajmarg, approximately about 170 km to reach Butwal from Pokhara. Most part of my journey was a rain free, but just near to Butwal there is a high landslide prone area and just as I reached the place, it started raining and the small landslide blocked the road and the details of these are in my next blog.

About me

I'm a solo rider, traveller and English blogger; have travelled through many places in India on my Enfield Bullet. These Vlogs are my thoughts, feelings and experience, they are not about "ME"; so you won't see "me" in these videos.

I would like to remain anonymous.

I tend to give much more detail about the places I visit, and hence these blogs are more like tour guides helping your travel planning.

Visiting tourist attractions in Pokhara is my 18th travel blog in English

About my solo motorcycle tour

I have done many solo motorcycle rides throughout India, but this is the first one I recorded/captured using my GoPro and DSLR with the objective of creating a travel blog Channel. My solo ride started in Kolkata, going towards Murshidabad, then to Darjeeling for a three-day visit which was completely rain drenched, then going to Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim for another three-day visit; and I think Gangtok is one of the best capital cities in India with very less pollution, orderly traffic, good roads in the city and so on. Initially when I started from Kolkata, my plan was to go to the north-eastern states like Assam, Meghalaya and so on, but in Darjeeling and in Gangtok it was raining and so was in Assam. So I change my plans and went instead to Nepal crossing its border at Raniganj (West Bengal) Kakribitta (Nepal side) and took 15 day permit (Bhansar) for taking my Enfield Bullet motor cycle to the country. Riding through east-west highway from the eastern border of Nepal, I reached Bardibas turning right on to take Japan highway or Bardibas-Banepa Road/BP Koirala Road to go through one of the most enchanting and beautiful places in Nepal to reach Kathmandu.

I was in Kathmandu for about a week, taking a single room at a home stay very close to Thamel a shopping centre for tourists for only about US$4 per day or about 250 Indian rupees.

Kathmandu Durbar square - https://youtu.be/Oub41ULDJgQ

Patan Durbar square - https://youtu.be/8ZxBG7663TQ

Bhaktapur Durbar square - https://youtu.be/amwIDtPJrcc

Swayambhunath stupa-Buddhist temple - https://youtu.be/UNR8WeqPWnI

From Kathmandu I went to Pokhara riding on Prithvi highway which has a number of tourist attractions on both sides and a lot of water sports activities on the Trishuli River such as rafting - https://youtu.be/fcCljhk6Dj0

Reached Pokhara after riding 200 km from Kathmandu and stayed for 3 days but due to heavy rain I could not venture outside my room, which again was very cheap (about 300 Indian rupees per day) as it was tourist off-season - https://youtu.be/wxFlqY0blpw

I crossed Nepal-India border at its western end (Bhimbatta-Nepal side and Banbasa-Indian side), close to Sitarganj in Uttarakhand. I reached Dehradun to stay for the next two months, going to a few tourist places in the state, but details about that will be in my next playlist video blog.
















Video shot on GoPro Hero 5 Black, Nikon DSLR

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