SOLO TRAVELLING: Backpacking around Western Europe

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My first solo backpacking trip, June 2019!! In 23 days I visited London, Amsterdam, Geneva Switzerland, Rovinj and Split Croatia, Venice, Ancona, Sorrento, Capri, Rome, and Florence Italy, Paris, Nice and Lyon France, and Faro, Lagos, and Lisbon Portugal. 17 cities, 7 countries. I will never forget this trip; how my luggage got left at the airport, how the bus drove away with my backpack, how my maps didn't work half the time, how I got lost going to my hostels countless times, how I forgot which room I was in, all the amazing foods I ate, eating gelato everyday, all the cultures I experienced, cliff diving (and literally almost drowning.. if it wasn't for someone who helped me swim back haha), touring the cities, all the late night walks, everything else in between, and most importantly all the amazing people I met on this trip. I will remember them forever and the memories we shared! I cannot wait to go back!

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