Korea Vlog #1: Travel Day, Myeongdong Night Market and Palace tour ✈🍢🎎

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This is my 2nd trip to Korea and my friend's first time. I promised to try and vlog as I didn't on the first. Maaan, it's hard to vlog during winter! My hands were freezing!!! Day1 wasn't really a lot of fun as we were traveling the whole day. Took an early flight out of Davao to Manila, had a couple of hours layover before leaving for Seoul at past 5pm. Traveling during a virus outbreak also didn't help as we had to wear masks the entire time (except when taking photos 😂). We stayed in Incheon on the first night then moved to Seoul the following day.

So yeah, here's part 1 of our Seoul Searching adventures and stay tuned for part 2 ✌

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