20 TRAVEL APPS YOU MUST DOWNLOAD (FOR EUROPE) 2020 | Free Genius Travel Apps for iPhone & Android!

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These travel apps for Europe are a must-download! Click here for a full list with download links and screenshots: https://happytowander.com/the-best-travel-apps-for-europe/

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Grab your free Revolut card {affiliate link}: http://happytowander.com/Revolut

Use Omio for free to compare/book transport {affiliate link}: http://happytowander.com/Omio

Check out GetYourGuide for activities {affiliate link}: http://happytowander.com/GetYourGuide


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Looking for a list of THE best travel apps for iPhone and Android? Well, one of my best Europe travel tips for you is to download some of the top travel apps on the market to make your life easier, SO I hope you enjoy this detailed roundup of the best apps I always use when travelling around Europe, including classic apps like Google Maps, Hotel Tonight, Omio, Splitwise, Revolut and more. Whether you're looking for apps for backpackers, a travel itinerary app, a trip planner app or some of the top airplane and booking apps, this list has you covered. Don't miss out on one of the best travel hacks out there, which is to just load your phone up with amazing apps! Best of all, this list also includes some of the best FREE travel apps on the market.

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